The Grow Dome Project is a multi award-winning social enterprise regenerating communities through the transformation of derelict sites.

A Grow Dome is a hi-tech greenhouse which doubles as a social and education space for the entire community to use – creating jobs and training positions along the way.

We work at the intersection of three significant issues that each have major environmental, economic and social costs:

Unsustainable food production
 Unemployment and under- employment
– Loss of community

Grow Dome 3.0 - How does it work

The geodesic dome itself is the lightest, strongest, most cost-effective structure yet invented. (Buckminster Fuller generally gets the credit for inventing geodesic domes but it was actually a German engineer named Walther Bauersfeld who first built one some 20 years earlier in 1926!) 

Uniquely for a growing space our domes also have a social space open to many different uses by community members. The Grow Dome space is used for weekly meetings, classes and children’s playgroups and as a creative space for musicians and artists. We work closely with local community centres providing facilities for Breakfast Clubs and Homework Clubs for disadvantaged children. We have also worked with many different Goverment organisations, NGOs, schools and colleges to provide work experience and training for a wide range of servic